Hobbit House and the plight of little people in Manila.

Dwarf boxers at Ringside in Makati

Peter Shadbolt wrote for CNN a feature on Manila’s “little people”, or people born with dwarfism.

Often isolated in the provinces, where they can be the only person in the town with dwarfism, in Manila they are less visible. Working and living together, however, makes the condition all but a normal state of affairs.

The founder of the Hobbit House, 71-year-old Jim Turner, says dwarves in the Philippines suffer the same amount of prejudice as little people anywhere else in the world.

“I think anywhere … anywhere in the world they’d have the same problems,” says Turner sitting in his usual corner of the bar, a cigarette burning in his ashtray. “People look and stare at them,” he says, screwing up his face in imitation of someone who’s just seen something weird.

The featured article mentioned Filipino pop cultural icons such as the 70s action star Weng Weng and the famous Manila bar, Hobbit House. It also delved into how little people find employment in Manila and their hope of building a community outside Manila.

Manila’s little people seek their own community

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